We bring a new dimension to the workplace - the third dimension. We are a seasoned software team producing enterprise apps that leverage augmented reality technology. We make data, collaboration, and workflows come to life using Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Holographic. Let us empower your company with the mentorship, app development, tools, and training that you need to get productive quickly.

Concepts and Designs

We are experts in Microsoft HoloLens technology. We can help you understand and implement the latest in augmented reality technology. Let's talk augmented reality.

Enterprise Applications

Why not use developers who worked on the development of HoloLens for your new HoloLens project. Get started fast with enterprise development.


Let's talk tools and training. We can train your devs in the latest technology. Learn about our expertise on our blog.

Leverage technologists with first hand experience inside Microsoft.

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No company has greater product knowledge than ours, because we helped Microsoft build HoloLens! Microsoft hired our team of seasoned technology leaders to work on their HoloLens software and hardware teams for years consulting on product research and development.

When you combine our unique experience on Windows Holographic and HoloLens with our decades of experience building enterprise applications for data collection, business intelligence, process management, and mobilized workflows, you get an unmatched combination of skills and expertise.

Let us show you how to use augmented reality to enhance business productivity in factories, warehouses, laboratories, meeting rooms, retail stores - virtually anywhere.

Let experts help you accelerate augmented reality development

Holografee is a division of Leszynski Group, software development experts who share their knowledge through inventive tools and training including:

  • inDepth training for tablet PC developers
  • inShape shape recognition toolkit for digital ink
  • Windows Snipping Tool
  • Leszynski Naming Conventions
  • Access Expert Solutions book and toolset

Return to this page later in 2015 for exciting announcements for AR developers. In the meantime check out our blog.

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We are a seasoned software team producing enterprise apps that leverage augmented reality technology.

Phone: 425-644-7826

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